Daily Activities

During your stay at The Wave of Edgewater, there will be a number of therapeutic daily activities!

Individual Therapy
Our individual therapy sessions focus on healing the body, mind, spirit and emotions in a journey for optimal health and wellness. Our sessions will help you gain proper balance in your life.

Group Therapy
Consistently growing in popularity, and for good reason, group therapy allows you to interact with multiple leaders and learn from other men in treatment as well – exposing you to a wider variety of care and therapy.

Physical Wellbeing
When treating your mental health, you must treat your physical wellbeing as well. The Wave offers yoga classes, fitness time in the gym, the ability to get moving outdoors, participating in physical activities and relaxation along the oceanside, massages, and nutritional cooking demonstrations with a registered dietitian to ensure you treat your body in addition to your mind. 

Group Outings
It’s important to get out and get some fresh air to clear your mind. You will partake in some very soothing and scenic outings in beautiful Edgewater, FL. Some of the areas you may visit include the beach, park, aquarium or a museum!


Creative Outlet/Expression
The importance of finding some sort of creative outlet cannot be understated. It’ll allow you to open up your mind and channel your emotions through art. We will have various art therapy sessions and wild writing prompts to engage the “right side” of your brain.

Our state-of-the-art treatment center also carries a number of luxury amenities that you’ll have the opportunity to utilize. Amenities include a gym, areas for relaxation and meditation, a game room, television, a library of videos and a path along the oceanside that’s right out your front door.


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