When emotional pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental and behavioral health challenges hit – they comes in like a thunderstorm: Dark, intense and crashing down.

These overwhelming and crushing feelings can become debilitating. And you start paying. Paying in pain. Paying in time lost at work and in your most valued relationships. Paying with a drop of productivity and even income. All this due to the pain and suffering caused by your untreated mental and behavioral health challenges.

DO NOT pay for your pain. PAY FOR HELP.

And if you need help paying for help, try applying for financing with someone you trust.

We don’t endorse or recommend any one source. However, some of our clients have had success and reported high levels of satisfactions with these trusted lenders, so, for your convenience, we’ve added a link right here. We do not earn a cent if you use them, and they don’t charge a fee for applying. The application process won’t even ding your credit. So, maybe you should consider applying now?

We urge you to shop around, compare rates, and get the help you need, with your own source or with our lenders, but do get help now, because you already know what life looks like without it. It hurts.

Prosper and M-Lend both offers healthy, simple interest loans with no prepayment penalties, no retroactive interest, longer terms for lower monthly payments, and an inquiry process that will only take you minutes to complete.

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Don’t wait for days or even hours before knowing if you can move forward. You can fill out, submit an inquiry and receive a response in less than 2 minutes.

You can receive instant pre-approval without affecting your credit. You also have the opportunity to review the terms and rates of the loan before accepting.

This program provides individuals access to the best financing option available - NOT submitting an inquiry for a credit card.

Get started now and stop paying for PAIN.