Why People Need a

Place to Heal


Not feeling like you belong. Distracted from your purpose. Uncomfortable. Judged. 

Unfortunately, many people feel this way on a day-to-day basis. Imagine feeling this way while attempting to get treatment for a mental health disorder. Not good!

You should feel comfortable, safe and as if you have a specialized plan just for you when receiving mental health treatment. Fortunately, a place that offers the safe and specialized environment men NEED when receiving care exists. 

The Wave of Edgewater does this by treating issues such as trauma, anxiety and depression, OCD, PTSD and addiction at the facility. Maybe the most unique aspect of The Wave of Edgewater location – it’s a approach to healing as a treatment center. The WAVE International CEO, Chris Fox, explains the decision.

“We thought it was important to offer a safe and nonjudgmental space, so people can stop suffering in silence and begin the path to a happier and healthier life.”

So, is he right? Are people more likely to assimilate and react quicker in a residential treatment facility? Fox details the many layers that go into a the treatment environment.

For one, our treatment model allows us to structure the treatment to be gender specific. This gives us a specialized approach that other facility do not implement. Also, from our experience, people are much more comfortable discussing delicate matters with other in certain settings.

Interesting take. It’s easy to see why this facility would be a great choice for anyone in need of treatment and care.

“When speaking to the people working in the facility, they cannot think of any reason why this facility would not be the number one choice for a person in need of treatment. They tell me, ‘I would be looking for a place I could really relax and be myself. And not have to wear the mask I wear out in regular society,” Fox said.


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