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You wake up and your body feels heavy. Your mind can’t motivate it any longer. Everything drags. No joy in the day. No reason to care or push forward. You should NOT be okay with this. You should be able to find reason and purpose in the day. If you cannot do this, then you’re headed down a path that only gets darker.

It’s time to change that path. It’s time to take control of your path and shift it towards getting the help you need. Only you can make this shift in your life! And it’s okay to need help. It’s okay to ask for and seek assistance.

Find reason and purpose in the day.

When you seek help, it needs to be the right help for you. You need a treatment center that understands YOUR needs. The WAVE International, an AHCA-licensed treatment facility, focuses on healing mental and behavioral health issues. Our Edgewater FL location, The Wave of Edgewater, aligns with this purpose by providing a safe and nonjudgmental men-only treatment center, so men can stop suffering in silence and begin the path to a happier and healthier life!

We treat men suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional and physical abuse, postpartum depression, OCD, body issues and many other mental and behavioral health challenges.

Don’t let the pain eat you up any longer! 

We provide an individualized long-term residential treatment program and partial hospitalization program for men suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional and physical abuse, postpartum depression, anger management issues, body issues and many other mental and behavioral health challenges. Don’t let the pain eat you up any longer! Make a change TODAY.

View our program options below to see which one suits your needs!

Residential Treatment

When at The Wave of Edgewater in our Residential Treatment Program, you will enjoy the opportunity to focus on recovery from symptoms that interferes with YOUR enjoyment of everyday life in a safe, relaxing setting. We will give you a treatment plan that will allow you to take your life back!

Our treatment center offers 24-hour supervised care for clients who voluntarily enter treatment with us. During this time, you will participate in individual and group therapies driven by a specialized treatment plan and skilled clinicians using evidence-based interventions.

Other healing methods include yoga, art therapy, expressive art therapy, meditation and mindfulness activities, massage, acupuncture and fitness classes. These enable you to sample tools you may want to continue with when you return home. The facility also offers a hot tub, sauna and an outdoor deck for relaxation.

While in residential treatment, issues such as trauma, anxiety and depression, OCD, PTSD and addiction will be addressed. We encourage loved ones to visit during visiting hours and family counseling sessions are available.

When preparing to leave residential treatment, clients, along with their treatment team, will develop a discharge plan that includes follow-up services with a therapist and physician, and a lower level of care if appropriate.

You have the chance to make that change and take your life back!

PHP - Partial Hospitalization Program

When in PHP, you will experience all the programming of the residential level of care but will not reside at the treatment center. The daytime programming consists of individual and group therapies developed to address issues identified in your individual treatment plan and get you on track to the BETTER LIVING you deserve!

This program treats clients with mental health disorders that aren’t acute enough to require the safety of overnight care but who experience difficulty in their lives because of their mental health symptoms. While in PHP, you will receive at least 20 hours a week of clinical care presenting evidence-based interventions by skilled clinicians.

You will also be introduced to a variety of holistic methods of healing including yoga, art therapy, massage, expressive arts therapy, breath work, meditation and fitness classes. You will be provided the use of a gym, sauna and hot tub. You will also be able to participate in family counseling if recommended by your primary therapist.

Discharge preparation may include referral to a lower level of care following the completion of PHP. And from there you will be on your way to the healthier, happier life YOU DESERVE!


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